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Rent or buy business and consumer lists, email addresses, management services, updated and hosted lists and business directories for your direct marketing projects.

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AWARDS: SOS fichiers won the Best New Product Award for the Oreiva and Kaviar databases from IDMF - DM Business.
MAILING LISTS: SOS Fichiers offers OREIVA , the first "mid and superior" High Target Category mega-database (households earning between 3,000 and 8,000 Euros net per month). Oreiva includes nearly one million households in France, drawn from the market's best quality databases.
MAILING LISTS: SOS Fichiers distributes Kaviar Mailing Lists, which consist of individuals with high incomes or large financial or real-estate holdings.
NEW : The Kaviar mailing lists are now available in multichannel so you can relaunch your mailings by e-mail.
SERVICES: As well as adding telephone numbers to your databases, SOS fichiers also gives you the ex-directory numbers.
LEGAL: Do you have any legal questions regarding direct marketing or e-commerce rights? Please consult our articles or submit a question. Our lawyers are available to answer you.
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    SOS fichiers, the right choice for your mailing lists
Save time
SOS fichiers is your one-stop shop for the whole mailing list market. SOS Fichiers is also available to provide you with information or advice.
Access the available qualitative mailing lists
SOS fichiers has a knowledge database which includes most of the available mailing lists on the market (over 1000 mailing lists to rent or buy) and offers you a free counting and quotation service. SOS fichiers only recommends you professional mailing lists which are regularly updated and comply with legislation.
Choose objective advice
Independent from any publisher, broker or mailing list owner, SOS fichiers does not have a specific mailing list to promote and therefore selects only the best mailing lists from objective criteria.
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Hundreds of clients
Small and Medium sized companies, Small and Medium sized industries, big companies, public services, communication agencies… We have clients in all activity sectors and have already sold millions of addresses. Consult our list of references online.
All kinds of mailing lists
SOS fichiers offers you mailing lists to rent or to buy, for all your direct marketing operations: mailing, fax mailing, telephone marketing, e-mailing, SMS.
Services and advice to suit your needs
If you are looking for a mailing list which doesn't currently exist, SOS Fichiers will create it for you. If you need a company mailing list complete with e-mail addresses, SOS Fichiers will create it for you. If you need any additional information or advice, SOS is always at your service.
Personalized mailing list planning
If you are looking for mailing lists to meet all your needs, SOS fichiers will analyse all the possible selections with you, carry out any research, present you with a mailing list plan, and negotiate tests with publishers…


     Our professional commitments
SOS Fichiers is member of the National Trade Union of Direct Communication (SNCD), and adheres to its Charter and to its Code of ethics.

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