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sélection location de fichiers et achat de fichiers SOS fichiers : informatique (DSI), télécom et Ntic

IT - Telecom - TIC mailing lists

Our selection of lists (The Top 10)
SOS fichiers can offer you over 1,000 lists in each sector. Below is a sample of the databases we can offer; this is not a comprehensive list so please don't hesitate to contact us for full details.

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Florence Gordon: 33 1
 47 30 83 02

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The TOP 10 Trades: Telecoms - IT Telecoms
  IT and operational departments of Medium-sized and Large companies
  Organisational charts of the IT departments of major accounts
  IT departments of French companies
  E-mail addresses of IT professionals
  Specialised distribution - Value-added resellers - Computing service companies - Resellers
  IT users
  Consumers intending to buy IT and telecommunications equipment
  Internet users connected at high-speed
  Young people and new technologies
  Online buyers
  High Tech People
  Internet Press subscribers
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